About Us

Theappliances.in is a website that lists out some of the best appliances that you would absolutely require in your home. Most of us are forever confused and browsing through catalogues and combing through the internet before buying the simplest of things such as an electronic gadget or a kitchen appliance.

Theappliance.in is your solution to put to rest all your queries and doubts regarding any and each of your appliances. 

Our team of expert product reviewers and researchers comb through all the appliances in the market to present to you the best of the best. Consider us to be one of your internet geniuses – we list out the best appliance for each and every requirement for your home by conducting intensive market research and comparing products against each other so that you save time, money, and effort each time you buy something. Changing your induction cooktop? Looking for a Microwave Oven? Wanting to change the refrigerator but don’t know what to choose? Well, your search for all answers ends here. 

Our team is based out of Bangalore and are completely equipped to solve your appliance hunt. Each of our product reviewers is trained to choose from the best of the best and present everyday appliances to you in an expert manner so that you can make an informed decision, no matter how big or small your device is, we ensure your investment is safe with theappliance.in.

Home & Kitchen Appliances based on independent research and customer reviews.
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