Best Frying Pan In India | Buying Guide & Product Reviews [Updated 2022]

A pan with a flat bottom is used for frying, and browning food is called a frying pan. It is also called the fry pan or skillet. Cooking food at a low temperature, called sautéing, and the pan is called a sauté pan. A frying pan comes in two variants, namely, Non-stick and Electric. A non-stick pan can be defined as a coated surface with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), popularly known as Teflon. An electric frying pan is a frying and heating pan that is heated and fried using electricity.

Prestige Deluxe Aluminium Granite Fry Pan
Prestige Deluxe Aluminium Granite Fry Pan
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Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-stick Frying Pan
Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-stick Frying Pan
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Nirlon Non-stick Aluminium Frying Pan
Nirlon Non-stick Aluminium Frying Pan
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Buying Guide

The most popularly used frying pans are made of the following materials: 

  • aluminium: pans made of aluminium are mostly used nowadays because of their safe cooking and heat-conducting features. 
  • Non-stick: as said earlier, a non-stick pan is known to have a Teflon coating. This Teflon coating is designed to have a non-stick surface that uses a very small amount of oil. 
  • Cast iron: cast iron frying pans are highly appreciated for their heat preservation method, longevity, and capacity to withstand intense heat temperatures.
  • Stainless steel: steel is known to be light in weight and also easier to handle. Stainless steel is contemplated as another metal that is safe for cooking. 

The pan’s material is considered a crucial feature to be looked upon before purchasing a frying pan. Other than this, you should also scrutinise the size of the pan. Frying pans come in various sizes like 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch. Again, the size of the pan is proportional to the size of the family. Ann 8-inch pan is suitable for a single person, and a 10-inch is best for a joint family.

Another important factor is the price range. You can purchase a frying pan in a price range of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1700. The cost of the pan is often determined by the type of material used. Cast iron frying pans are exorbitant in price than those made of other materials. Frying pans usually come with a 1-5 years warranty period from the manufacturer. Additionally, it is important to read the manual before using the product to avail warranty.

Best Frying Pan In India | Product Reviews

After extensive research, the list of the Best Frying Pan in India has been made with all the product specifications, detailed reviews, special features, pros, and cons.

best non stick frying pan

1. Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-stick Frying Pan The best premium quality frying pan

Wonderchef cookware appliances are an amazing blend of fitness taste and comfort.
Rs.799Rs.900 Buy this item
best non stick pan

2.Cresta Aluminium Fry Pan

The Cresta fry pan is an ideal kitchen partner for experimenting with favourite recipes and even trying something new.
Rs.399Rs.800 Buy this item
good frying pan

3.Prestige Deluxe Aluminium Granite Fry Pan The overall best-frying pan

Prestige Limited has grown into India’s leading household appliance manufacturer serving the country over the past five decades.
Rs.710Rs.790 Buy this item
best nonstick pans

4. Cello non-stick Induction Base Frying Pan

This makes it a good choice for daily usage purposes.
Rs.522Rs.1,999 Buy this item
top rated frying pan

5.  Hawkins Futura Non-stick pan

This pan has a proper handle that is large and two other small sides for greater capacity.
best quality frying pan

6.Embassy Cast Iron frying pan

The Embassy Cast Iron cookware range is pre-seasoned and is available ready to us.
Rs.1,069Rs.1,500 Buy this item
best frying pan for cooking

7.Nirlon Non-stick Aluminium Frying Pan The best budget-friendly frying pan

The Nirlon aluminium frying pan is the best for eggs, and the handle is durable.
Rs.399Rs.730 Buy this item

Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-stick Frying Pan

Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-stick Frying Pan

Rs.799 Rs.900
The best premium quality frying pan
These luxury frying pans are ingenious and inventive. They are available in captivating designs and colours. This model from Wonderchef is ideal for families who are health conscious as the virgin aluminium material and layered non-stick coating enhances cooking methods and uses less oil for cooking.
  • Strong and tough body structure
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The is affordable and value of the money
  • Easy cleaning and simple care
  • It is 100% free from PFOA
  • The pan is delicate and requires extra maintenance.

Special Features:

  • Five layered non-stick coating
  • Virgin aluminium coating
  • The thickness of 43 microns
  • Sophisticated shape

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 44 x 6 x 26 cm
  • Material: aluminium
  • Model name: Royal Velvet
  • Model No : 63152415
  • Capacity: 1.2 litres
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 500 grams
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 900/-

Detailed Review:

The Wonderchef Royal Velvet Non-stick frying pan has a marble finish that adds a sleek and contemporary touch to the aluminium pan and fortifies the complete kitchen look. The pan is made of pure quality virgin aluminium that leads to fast cooking and a quick heating process. The 3mm thickness makes it both tough and long-lasting. Smooth and gentle handles, knobs are ergonomically built and have a tight grip. The handles are comfortable to hold while cooking as they do not heat up while cooking. This frying pan can also be used on a gas stove, ceramic plate, hob plate, induction plates, infrared plates, and hobs. Wonderchef is designed in Italy, and they ensure to deliver the ideal products to the customers to meet the German standards of quality. This frying pan is one of the best non-stick fry pans in India.


Cresta Aluminium Fry Pan

Cresta Aluminium Fry Pan

Rs.399 Rs.800
The best long lasting frying pan
The 2.5mm thickness of the pan gives it a rigid structure that makes it durable. The sides of the pan are fully squared, and there is no chance for spillage because of its extra height. If I were to choose a frying pan for my kitchen, it would be this.
  • Good quality aluminium base
  • Durable
  • Convenient handle to prevent injuries
  • Nutritious cooking
  • This pan will not work on an induction stove

Special Features:

  • Three layers of Greblon coating
  • It has a Bakelite handle
  • Healthy cooking techniques

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 20.3 x 11.4 x 33.5 cm
  • Material: aluminium
  • Model: NS C 08
  • Weight: 520 grams
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: 800/-

Detailed Review:

The Cresta aluminium Fry Pan has a three-layer Greblon coating. This coating keeps the food from sticking and contributes to easy cleaning. The cooking made of this pan is more nutritious as it uses less oil while cooking. Its non-stick surface is water-based and devoid of PFOA and other toxic chemicals. This model has a high-quality aluminium base that can be used on a gas cooktop as well. A 4 cm deep fry pan is designed with a safe wall to avoid spills and heat injuries. This pan is usually called an Omelette pan as it is best suitable to make the yummiest and perfect omelettes.


Prestige Deluxe Aluminium Granite Fry Pan

Prestige Deluxe Aluminium Granite Fry Pan

Rs.710 Rs.790
The overall best-frying pan
It is also the best frying pan brand in India. Prestige brand products found on the foundations of protection, creativity, longevity, and confidence emerged as a preferred brand in thousands of households. It has a protective spatter coated finish that keeps it fresh for longer while still being metal spoon compatible. Furthermore, it can be used on gas and induction gas stoves.
  • The handle has an easy grip
  • It can be used on or any heat surfaces
  • Five-layer coating
  • Durability Affordable
  • Two-layer metallic finish
  • The size of the pan is small

Special Features:

  • Compatible with both gas and induction
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Has a metallic finish
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Granite coating

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 38 x 23 x 7 cm
  • Material: aluminium
  • Model no : 36304
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Capacity: 1.1 litre
  • Thickness: 200mm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 790/-

Detailed Review:

The Prestige Omega deluxe aluminium Granite Frypan has a flame tolerant handle which always makes it easy to hold. The versatile pan can be used on stovetops, ovens, and induction cooktops. The body is made of greater quality aluminium. The pan can be washed in a dishwasher as well. It has five-layer non-stick protection that lasts three times longer than the fundamental non-stick pans. The thickness of the pan is 200 mm.


Cello Non-stick Induction Base Frying Pan

Cello Non-stick Induction Base Frying Pan

Rs.522 Rs.1,999
The Healthy Cooking Frying Pan
Founded in 1995 and based out in India, Cello is yet another company that provides kitchen and home appliances, cookware, glassware, hot pots, etc. This frying pan from Cello has insulated edge handles for additional protection and is suitable for a gas stove.
  • Compatible with induction cookware
  • It can be used on gas stoves as well
  • A lot of power and energy is saved
  • Light in weight
  • Value for money
  • On oppressive usage handle breaks
  • A little small in size

Special Features:

  • Sleek look
  • Best quality aluminium used for high-grade cooking
  • Low cholesterol cooking methods
  • Insulated handle

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 23 x 22.8 x4.6 cm
  • Model: Taper Pan
  • Material: aluminium
  • Weight: 550 grams
  • Capacity: 1.2 litres
  • Thickness: 220 mm
  • Warranty: 1 year 
  • Price: 1199/-

Detailed Review:

The Cello Non-induction frying pan has an elegant and stylish twisting design, Five-layer including an enclosed handle for added protection when working in the kitchen. It works very well on gas and induction stoves. The frying is designed with high-grade aluminium that provides the finest cooking experience. It saves resources, and it uses very many of them. It can withstand scratches and deformation. The Cello frying pan is durable, long-lasting, and is energy efficient as well.


Hawkins Futura Non-stick Pan

Hawkins Futura Non-stick Pan

Hawkins Cookers have been in use since 1959. It is the industry-leading company in India for pressure cookers and cookware, and its products have been sold to countries across all six continents since 1974. This profound all-purpose pan can also be used for sautéing, stir-frying, and deep-frying.
  • It has a high-grade non-stick coating
  • A wide range of dishes can be cooked on one pan
  • Quick heating capacity
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Metal and steel spoons, forks, spatulas, etc., cannot be used
  • High flame and acidic substances should be avoided

Special Features:

  • Compatible on a gas top
  • An exceptional patented process
  • Comes with a lid that is none like others
  • Has a strong and hard anodised surface

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 7 x 39.4 x 23.6 cm
  • Material: Non-stick
  • Model: Q 10
  • Weight: 965 grams
  • Thickness: 3.25 mm
  • Capacity: 1 litre
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 765/-

Detailed Review:

Hawkins pans are built featuring additional length and rounded edges. This shallow container can also be used for stir-frying, sautéing, or even deep-frying. This pan comes with a long handle to enhance the simplicity of the pan as well as a larger size, along with two handles that allow the skillet to be used as a serving dish. The pan is robust and compact. The non-stick surface gives it a professional appearance. The pan is designed for an innovative process. Compatible with a gas top, the non-stick covering is made of an excellent consistency that is made in Germany. The Hawkins pan can be fixed tightly onto the rugged hard-anodized base below. It remains longer, unlike ordinary non-stick.


Embassy Cast Iron Frying Pan

Embassy Cast Iron Frying Pan

Rs.1,069 Rs.1,500
It allows the users to serve great meals and dishes without sacrificing quality and taste. No artificial or polymer coatings have been used in the pre-seasoning process. This Cast iron model heats accurately and instantly around the whole body.
  • Worth the cost
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Cooking on the pan retains heat and taste
  • Food doesn’t stick at the bottom
  • Compatible on gas, induction, and other cooktops
  • While cooking, the handle also gets heated
  • The price is a little high

Special Features:

  • The pre-seasoning process uses vegetable oils
  • Heat retention technique
  • Increases iron intake
  • Versatile in style and quality

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 36.4 x 23.9 x 8.6 cm
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Model: EMB2713
  • Weight: 1.83 kg
  • Capacity: 0.1 litre
  • Depth: 2 inches 
  • Price: 1500/-

Detailed Review:

The Embassy cast Iron Frying pan has always been pre-seasoned and eager to use. Sautéing, searing, pan-frying, broiling, boiling, roasting, and even more are all possibilities. It can sometimes be found on a campfire, oil, electric, or induction stovetop. There is also no plastic or chemical layer used during the pre-seasoning process. Heat preservation is fantastic. This pan also keeps the quality of the food intact plus strengthens it. The pan should be hand-washed, rinsed, and scrubbed with cooking oil to make cleaning even easier to use and scrub.


Nirlon Non-stick Aluminium Frying Pan

Nirlon non-stick aluminium Frying Pan

Rs.399 Rs.730
Nirlon, founded in 1994, is the largest producer of non-stick kitchen utensils and cooking items, which allow consumers to prepare nutritious, delicious food at ease. The goods are manufactured from non-toxic and high-quality raw resources, bringing comfort to any dish with a great balance of beauty and versatility.
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The quality of the coating is excellent
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • The handle may not be comfortable
  • The red coating seems to fade away

Special Features:

  • Non-stick coating
  • Made from high-quality aluminium
  • Three-layer coating
  • Riveted handle that doesn’t break
  • Compatible on the gas stove

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 25.65 x 24.64 x 12.19 cm
  • Material: aluminium – Nonstick
  • Model: 2.6mm_TP
  • Weight: 431 grams
  • Country of origin: India
  • Price: 730/-

Detailed Review:

The Nirlon aluminium non-stick frying pan is the best quality frying pan as it has a three-layered coating that contributes to the durability and long-lasting service of the pan. It has a 2.6mm thick aluminium coating that helps the pan heat faster and evenly. 

The pan does not need any special utensils like a wooden spoon. The pan is gas stove friendly and cannot be used on an induction cooktop. 

The handle of the frying pan is made of Bakelite which is temperature friendly. The handle does not heat up when cooking and doesn’t get loose gradually.

How have I ranked the list of best-frying pans in India?

From the available slew of frying pans options, this comprehensive list of the best frying pans in India has been curated after rigorous research based on key features like size, material, price range, and warranty. Each of the frying pans offers some good food, and healthy methods are incorporated while cooking using these pans. The products listed mainly focus on the best that the pans offer to the users. Each pan fosters manifesting the kitchens a peculiar and intricate appearance.

Care And Maintenance

  • If you want to keep the non-stick surface as is, ensure to add a little bit of oil or butter, which also produces a greater taste.
  • Ensure to use the appropriate kitchen tools for the pans. For Teflon coated pan, wooden or plastic tools only shall be used.
  • The preheating for a frying pan should not be done at a higher temperature. Always use lower temperatures for preheating.
  • Use a sponge or a scrub to rinse and clean the washing pan. It is always suggested to put in effort for cleaning.
  • Never use a dishwasher as it may reach oppressive on the pan leading to the worn-out of pans within a short period.
  • Using soap all the time for cleaning the cast iron skillet may degrease the pan gradually.
  • After every wash, greasing the cast iron skillet with saturated butter or oil is a good choice.
  • The acidity of the food can weaken the non-stick layering with time, so ensure not to leave the food stains on them for an extended period.
  • Cooking at medium to low levels and temperatures enhances the flavour and the quality of food whilst also keeping the costs down, particularly if you are using a hob that is smaller than or equal to the bottom of the skillet.


  1. What are the best frying pans?

Our pick is the Wonderchef Royal Velvet frying pan and the Cresta aluminium fry pan. These are our best picks as they are affordable; they fortify the nutrient value in food and are long-lasting.

  1. What are the benefits of a cast-iron frying pan?

Cast iron is tough. It keeps the food warm for a longer duration, and most importantly, they enrich the iron levels of the food.

  1. Is a non-stick frying pan good?

The non-stick layer of the pans is made of PTFE, also called Teflon. This makes cleaning and cooking a pleasurable task. Moreover, if the heat or temperature levels do not reach 570 F or 300 C, today’s non-stick and Teflon kitchen utensils are perfectly suitable for everyday home cooking.

  1. Is an aluminium pan better than a non-stick?

Aluminium and non-stick have a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Aluminium is much longer than a non-stick skillet. Whilst aluminium is prone to damage on using a dishwasher just like the non-stick skillet. Both of them shall be hand-washed, but an aluminium pan can withstand intense washing.

  1. How to pick the best frying pan?

First of all, it is important to focus on the type of material you want. Then based on the number of people in the family, choose the size of the pan. Price range and warranty are the other two major factors that one has to focus upon.

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